Published Articles by Dr. Mitchell

Mitchell J. Care of our clients, Our patients, and Ourselves. Dr. Mitchell’s contribution to the article Stress in the Time of Covid-19: Thoughts from our Members. JAHVMA. Spring 2021, Vol 62: 40.
Mitchell J. Seizures and Essential Oils. JAHVMA. Summer 2020, Vol 59: 30-38.
Mitchell J. Control of Discomfort and Anxiety Using Essential Oils Following Melarsomine Injection in a Dog. JAHVMA. Winter 2019, Vol 57: 22-28.
Innovative Veterinary Care Journal (IVC Journal)
Mitchell J. Essential oils in your practice. Integr Vet Care J. 2019;9(3):61-63.

Presentations and speaking engagements

at the virtual 2020 AHVMA Annual Convention